Scars and Tiaras

Reclaiming Your Beautiful Self After a Painful Past

1,000 Miles: Conversation > Walking Miles

It was all worked out. The miles would work if I pushed myself ever-so-many per day. I would still make it. This would still be a win! And then one of those names walked through my door late at night in need of refuge. Suddenly the need changed. Suddenly the goal changed. As we sat in conversation the next day, and as I realized it would be a long one, I caught myself aware of the time ticking away. My to-do list for the day included 10 miles and working on my book proposal. I had a goal, and life […]

1,000 Miles: “What if you don’t make it?”

To the untrained eye, I appear to be obsessed with walking. Neighbors notice me take off several times each day now, versus the previous once, maybe twice a day. It’s December 3 and I still have over 200 miles to go before the year ends. Some have suggested that I should give myself a break, and I’ve entertained that idea. So what if I don’t make it to 1,000 after all. So what if the goal isn’t met. The journey has been what’s really important. That’s true. So very true. But it’s not enough. Almost doesn’t cut it here, not […]

Elsewhere: Lean On Me

“When she accepted my invitation to talk, to get to know each other, I doubt she realized she was accepting an invitation to dig at our wounds.” Featured at Parley, the student journal for Pikes Peak Community College. Read the whole essay here:

The day I was too afraid to walk

As I rounded a corner, I heard a truck roll up behind me. It was a slow roll, the tires crunching the unpaved road, and instead of feeling secure that someone was actually driving cautiously, my stomach knotted. I looked over my shoulder and met the eyes of a man. He was staring at me. I held his stare for a moment, torn between looking away so as not to challenge him, and glaring back to show no fear. Ultimately, I smirked and marched on, keeping an eye on him in my peripheral. With my phone in my hand, I […]

It’s Not a “Punch in the Face” Greeting: #WhyIStayed Vlog

If someone walked right up to you and punched you in the face, you probably wouldn’t like them very much. But an abuser usually isn’t that obvious. (Video is approximately 6 minutes.) Please subscribe to my weekly update newsletter for notification of when each new video is posted, or bookmark this site and come back often. You can also join my Facebook page to follow this site as well as my other work.