ATTENTION: Teller County, Colorado

Teller Safe Harbor needs YOU.

The need of having a safe house in Teller County is constantly growing:

  • Law enforcement gets 175-200 reported cases of family violence each year. At least the same amount go unreported.
  • Friends and Family often do not understand.
  • Even today, victims here must look outside our community to find safety.
  • Our victims must leave local jobs, schools, etc. if seeking safety elsewhere.
  • Staying with an abuser often seems to be their only choice.

-Source: Teller Safe Harbor Web Site

So, what can YOU do? This is where The Tiara Project is stepping in to help.

Save the Date(s)!

On the following dates, Angela of The Tiara Project and Klocke Photography/Studio K2 will be opening her studio to those who would like to come in for tiara photos.

Details —

  • Make a donation to Teller Safe Harbor of $10 or greater
  • Bring confirmation of donation to Studio K2/Klocke Photography at 130 E. Grace Ave., Woodland Park
  • Receive a free 5×7 (and digital) photo of yourself wearing a tiara
  • Receive free lace tiara to take home (small for display, or larger for wearing)

Wear a tiara for yourself, for someone who can’t, or just to support the safe house project.

Schedule —


Goal —

The goal for The Tiara Project photos is to raise funds for Teller Safe Harbor so that a safe house can be secured, as well as to help victims of abuse.

The Tiara Project is setting a goal to raise at least $500 for Teller Safe Harbor through this part of the project alone.

An appointment is not necessary for any of the photo dates listed. However, notifying The Tiara Project of your intent to participate on a certain date and time will be helpful in controlling the flow of traffic.

Klocke Photography/Studio K2
130 E. Grace Ave., Woodland Park, Colorado.

*Note: If you are not a resident of Teller County but wish to donate to your local shelter/organization instead, you can still participate. Simply bring confirmation of your donation on one of the above listed dates.



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